Celebrating the Spirit of Legacy Through Oneness

Our common bond and a collective responsibility to uphold the values and vision of their alma mater. Alumni Legacy through oneness is not only a source of pride and gratitude, but also a way of giving back and making a difference.

FGCE Alumni

FGCE Alumni G.I.V.E.S. Presents: FGCE Teaching Excellence &
Student Leadership Program

This program seeks to transform Nigeria by changing mindsets and developing a powerful network of teachers and students, who will work together to address FGCE and Nigeria’s greatest challenges, while achieving extraordinary social impact.

Student’s 1st Field Trip to SIPA, Social Innovators Programme Award

62 students from the leadership club embarked on their maiden field trip on Thursday, November 9, 2017, accompanied by mrs Ijeoma Ekumankama (Alumni Liaison Officer and Club Director), Ms. Stella Ifediba (Teacher and Leadership Trainer) and Mrs Uchegbu (Maths Teacher). They attended SIPA (Social Innovators Programme and Awards), which was hosted by LEAP Africa.

FGCE Alumni

Holiday Gala

FGCE Alumni

January 18,2024

Lease Join Us On December 9th 2017 At The Hilton Washington DC North/gaithersburg MD for an Elegant Night of Christmas fun, Dinner, Entertainment & more!!

An Elegant Onyx & Ruby Ball (Black and red attire required)

FGCE Alumni

January 18,2024

This is a time of togetherness, fun and family.

It’s family time and warmth for everyone

Attire is strictly formal, there will be a raffle


FGCE Alumni

January 18,2024

Come one, come all! It’s live at the Hilton

Washington DC/gaithersburg.

This December 9/10:30pm EST/ save the date

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About The FGCE Alumni

The FGCE Alumni Association is the official Association for all Federal Government College Enugu Alumni Around the World.

FGCE Alumni


FGCE Alumni is devoted to serving our college family and community as we invest back into the foundation of what made us who we are for a better future.

  • International focus – our alumni reside all across the globe

  • Professional excellence – we encourage learning and growth

  • Human capital – networking synergy for development

Unity Colleges were established by Nigeria as a means of fostering the spirit of National Unity among Nigerians which we hold true.


To make our students real leaders of tomorrow in all spheres of life through effective teaching and learning.

Maintaining a high standard in academic pursuits as well as a high taste in excellence and moral discipline.

To harness the latent potential of Nigerian children, achieve academic excellence towards realizing national educational goals.

Pro Unitate

I promise to be an obedient, honest and hardworking student of Federal Government College Enugu.
To do only those things that enhances our good name and image.
To refuse association with any cult, bad influence group and refrain from all wilful destruction of college property.
To love all students refrain from all fagging activities.
To aim ultimately at academic excellence and good conduct till the end of my course.
So help me God.