Federal Government College Enugu (FGCE) traces its roots back to 1973 in the aftermath of Nigeria’s civil war and was established as one of many Unity Schools in Nigeria for high performing students recruited from different parts of Nigeria.

Its alumni association in the Americas (AFGCEAA) is a 501(c)(3) organized and dedicated to fostering a strong and enduring relationship between FGCE and its alumni and friends. We were founded to preserve and promote the principles of the school via networking and mentoring opportunities; Regional, international, and affinity association’s alumni chapters; Educational programs; and other forms of communication and outlets.

Our organization and affiliates boast of over 1000 members, and a demographic that spans highly educated baby boomers to millennials with disposable income. Most are professionals and business owners like doctors, lawyers, architects, and engineers with private practices. Many more serve as faculty and administrative leadership in prestigious universities across the US. Our alma mater has produced multiple governors in Nigeria, CEOs and executives of fortune 500 companies, Deans and faculty in Academia.

AFGCEAA provides funding for educational programs, scholarships and structural improvements that enhance the lives of current and future students of FGCE, inspiring its members to extend these charitable efforts to their local communities.

With large alumni populations in Washington DC, New York City Metropolitan, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles areas; AFGCEAA under the F.G.C.E. G.I.V.E.S Program is also involved in community service, mentoring, volunteering and philanthropic initiatives.

FGCE Alumni