Place your Family or Alumni Greeting, Business, Car, Real Estate, Apartment, Job or Obituary ad in The 2016 AFGCEAA – Brochure/Catalog or on business listing page and get results fast. Also please check our 2016 Event Sponsorship options

Please fill out form and remember to select all options that apply.  Available options and fees are:

  • ½ Page Ad (w/pre-formatted attachments) – $75/page
  • Full Page Ad (w/pre-formatted attachments) – $100/page
  • Full Page Ad (Customization+Formatting) – $110/page
  • Premium Page (i.e. back cover, inside front or back covers) – assigned to Tiers I, II & III Sponsorship donors
  • Specialty Design (i.e. Logo)
    • Half Page [HP]+Logo+Customization – $230
    • Full Page [FP]+Logo+Customization – $250
  • Social Media Package: includes Web posting of your ad for 1 year and Facebook ad space for 1 month – FREE!!!

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FGCE Alumni

FGCE Alumni

For additional information please call +1.240.354.1154 or contact a member of the committee at  Please visit for your tickets, hotel reservations & event details. We look forward to seeing you at this “must-not-miss” event! FGCE friends & family, please let your friends know!!  “Who No Show; No Go Know!!!”