CupThe FGCE Alumni Beacons of Excellence is being launched this year to promote Excellence in Achievement of our FGCE Alumni.  Our Alumni represents a vast, global and diverse talent pool of achievers in varied fields of endeavor. It is imperative to celebrate notable achievements of solid professionals who were groomed by this citadel of knowledge

Inspire FGCE pride and celebrate demonstrated track records of success in professional and extra-curricular activities with a social conscience that positively impacts our alma-matter, our larger Nigerian community and the world in general.

Candidates will be chosen on an annual basis based on submitted nominees.

Recognition Committee

A recognition committee will vote on the FGCE Beacons of Light nominees.  This committee, which consists of individuals who are highly knowledgeable of the school and its history, will vote on the nominees.  To be inducted into the FGCE Beacons of Light, an affirmative vote of 75% is required.

We want to hear from you.  Nominate someone worthy of this esteemed recognition today!




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Briefly describe the contributions of the nominee, in current or past field of profession that include Excellence, Integrity, Compassion and/or Philanthropy which this person has demonstrated:

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Thank You For Your Interest in the FGCE Alumni Beacons of Excellence!