Hello alumni & friends!!

We hope everyone is getting “gingered” for our upcoming reunion!! As we continue to plan behind the scenes, we also love to keep up with the school events.

As some of us may or may not know, the annual InterHouse Sports competition was held some days ago!  Some of us were active participants back in the day- track & field, shotput, discus throw, high jump, long jump, marching or just being an active spectator and cheerleader for your house (all na sports!).

The top 3 houses were:

  1. Honesty House
  2. National House
  3. Unity House

Better luck next time to Independence, Liberty & Peace Houses :).

Below are some highlights of the events that took place! Feel free to leave your comments and share your nostalgia! Call it #flashbackfriday, to the time you were a participant/active spectator or just looked forward to the post-competition “after-party”/ebo in Ref!

Gift Plaques Gift plaquesPrincipal: Elder Uko, Mrs Giginna and 2 other staff  members Principal & some faculty membersIndependence House Tent Independence House Tent Honesty House Tent Honesty House TentPeace House Tent Peace House Tent Red Cross Tent  Red Cross Society National House Tent  National House Tent Liberty House Tent Liberty House Tent Unity House Tent  Unity House Tent Array of trophies  Array of trophies! 15 - 11 Female 100M race15 - 12 Male 100M race 15 - 13 Principal & staff in their element15 - 14 Elder Uko, Mrs. Giginna Sportsmanship 15 - 16 15 - 17

The 3 winning houses 15 - 18 Opening ceremony? 15 - 19 Elder Uko, Principal From L-R: Mr Femi aka Samanja, Chuks Emedike, Rapture Ejim,

From L-R: Mr. Femi aka “Samanja”, Chuks Emedike, Rapture Ejim, Mr. Idika Kalu