Fellow Alumni…,
We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of those who participated in the survey re: our Atlanta 2014 event. As you know, we cannot move this “groove” forward without input from our brothers and sisters.
For those of us who did not attend, or participate in the survey, the questions were geared towards the past and future events, preferences for location, meeting agendas, entertainment, food and beverage choices, and most of all, our goals for these events. Here is a brief summary of data collected:

Most people who did the survey were from 85-90 sets (only 1 pediatric set of 1999 did this survery)

Peace –> Unity –> Honesty were the most participants

For the people who attended on Friday, the general set-up, food and welcome packet contents met approval. Suggestions for a bigger room for the “Meet and Greet” was a common occurrence. Also, it was mentioned that the alumni t-shirts should have been put in a bag with the packet , rather than to have them displayed.

For the interactive session, those that attended were please overall with the food/beverage, content of the sessions and opportunity to discuss projects. Most of them were not pleased with the dysfunction of the A-V equipment, resulting in a “drag” of some of the presentations.

As we know, the main problem during the gala was the food. EVERYONE was pleased with the DJ. The Calabar dancers were not as thrilling (most answers were average/fair). The suggestions were focused on the opportunity to fundraise, and recruiting non-alumni to check people in/man the doors.

Most people attended the event to reconnect and strengthen the alumni association. As stated before, the fundraising event could have fallen into the gala night, but it does not seem to be the driving force for most people to attend. (Another feature was the getaway/party option)

Most people suggest the event should occur every 2 years, with a suggestion to do it yearly until the association strengthens.

In order of preference for future reunions: DC –> Vegas –> Caribbean Cruise –> Miami.

Finally, most people “will like to participate in organizing future events”.

Based on the data collected, we the Executive Council (and in consent with the Board), have decided to have the FGCE 2015 REUNION in the nation’s capital, WASHINGTON DC!!!

DC are you ready for us???

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