Class of 1994 Water Project Blog 

And so our story begins!  What is this water project sef? Some might ask.  Well, hold on to your seats…you are about to embark on a ride along via a series of blog posts and updates.

[Gather the Troops]

It all started with a clarion call by one of us (think cock crow at dawn!). A Facebook group was created in January 2014.  Nice one!  It was great for us to be united again, but the real eye opener was that 2014 marked 20 years since our graduation…Really?!  Wow, time does fly!  The key message was to celebrate this anniversary by giving back via an impactful project for FGCE.

[All Aboard]

This idea took off!  We were all game, ready to act…BUT!  easy to have an idea.  Now, how do we whittle down our options and figure out what the project would be?  Hmmm….

Delegates with proximity to the school were appointed; Meeting was scheduled with the Principal and a list of school needs was obtained.  A school tour was conducted to assess the state of affair, amenities and the students’ current living situation.  Great feedback obtained from our delegates and we had good options to pick from.  Some pictures…

[Democracy Reigns]

A global voting process was organized. Our internal ‘INEC’ came through and no ‘mago-mago’ at all!  #Transparency #Audit&CrossCheck #PowerofSocialMedia. We all selected three projects, ranked in order of priority and the results were tallied.  Meanwhile, another classmate was visiting Enugu, so we asked for further alignment with the Principal to finalize on the #1 pressing need of the school.

Want to know what sealed the decision for us?  Check out the video posted under comments…Enjoy!!!

Question for you: What’s in the power of giving?  What word, expression or sentiment comes to mind when we talk about giving back?