Hello friends and fellow Alumni…
It’s been a minute and a half…we have been working hard behind the scenes, getting the Association more organized, while putting final touches on our “ebo-planning” for August 2015!

But as we are waiting, make we go down memory lane together, depending on how far yours can take you ;)…

As the topic asks/suggests: Wetin you order/chop for Students Centre?

I go answer for only myself oh! If this applies to you as well, feel free to echo! Some of us daygoats or wannabe “ajebos” like me, started off with packed lunch from home (peanut butter sandwich with jam oh…not jelly; and Ribena if I was a good girl). You dare not bring rice and stew, or eba from home! You dey mad? You will be cartooned before you can say Jack Robinson! Besides, how many of us agree say we dey chop eba for house back then? Na only chicken peri peri some of us dey claim back then!
As time went by though, I realized that men…this snacking no make am! I wanted “agidi jollof”, okpa, “pastry” from Home-Ec lab (basically baked flour made by Aunty Felicia).
So in summary, I ended FGCE with this regular order every day between 10.30 and 11am (only me oh):
2 cokes
2 okpas
2 agidi jollof
2 pastries
2 “kpoff kpoff”
No wonder I fell asleep during all my afternoon classes!

So tell us, what did you order in Centre?

Truthfully yours….
Nora (Nwosu) Agajelu

Enjoy snapshots of me throwing down my okpa and coke!
Photo credits: Chinwe Edeani….class of 1999, National House