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Introductory Technology Boxes


The FGCE principal has approved the use of new technology tool boxes to be used by JSS1 students. These new were introduced to be used primarily by JSS1 students in the practice of creativity and innovation. With the tool boxes the students can produce a variety of basic technology including lamps, functional clocks, standing fans and so on. The UK alumni has provided 10 of the boxes as a start. Introductory Technology Tool Box for use by JSS1 students. Contents of the Introductory Technology Toolbox The plan with the tool boxes is to source better instructional materials for the [...]

Introductory Technology Boxes2019-07-04T05:14:10-04:00

Class of 1991 25th Anniversary Project – New Dining Hall


In 2016, the class of 91 celebrated their 25th anniversary, and commemorated this milestone by building a new dining hall for the students. The Project Coordinator, David Adindu Ezeocha, expressed multiple "lessons learned" from coordinating this project, including a comprehensive guide to implementing successful projects in the future. The recommendations included: Need for Governance (record-keeping, monitoring contributions); Treasury Management (real-time record keeping, conflicts of interest, fiduciary responsibilities); Structure of Project Committee (define the roles of Project Committee and Project Implementation Committee - PIC). Project Committee may functions as the general overseer/decision-making of a project, whereas the Implementation Committee is responsible for the actual [...]

Class of 1991 25th Anniversary Project – New Dining Hall2018-03-08T09:20:48-05:00

2018 FGCE Grand Reunion! Early Bird Offer Still On!


The 2018 FGCE Grand Reunion is going "Back To Our Roots!" The Early Bird Offer is still on, so catch it if you can. Did you graduate in 2005 and beyond? Then take advantage of the fantastic concessionary rates: Check out the price offers! ?? N50K ?? £100 ?? $150 * Concession (2005 Set - Date) N35K Details for purchasing your Early Bird Tickets below: ​ ONLINE - BANK TRANSFER - ​Account Name: Federal Government College, Enugu Old Students Association (FGCEOSA) ​Account no: 4092025157 ​Bank:​ Ecobank Plc Kindly REGISTER ON THE WEBSITE AFTER PAYMENT: Early Bird Offer Ends 31st [...]

2018 FGCE Grand Reunion! Early Bird Offer Still On!2018-03-06T16:18:44-05:00

Invitation to Tender: Structure Inventory and Design of Future FGCE Projects Data Repository Platform


Dear Alumni, We have come a long way since inception of our Global Association. Thanks to all our generous alumni and hardworking Project Implementation Committee (PIC), we have been able to undertake and complete various projects that we can all be proud of, helping to restore our school to its former glory - one step at a time! The time has come to take the step to maintain continuity of past and future projects. We are calling on individuals and groups to bid for the design and development of Future Projects Data Repository Platform for the school. Attached is a PDF format [...]

Invitation to Tender: Structure Inventory and Design of Future FGCE Projects Data Repository Platform2018-01-30T18:14:29-05:00
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