Fellow Alumni and friends…

First of all, we the members of the AFGCEAA wish you Happy Holidays! We are proud to announce that we are slowly but surely progressing toward a stronger association.

Over this past weekend, the alumni that reside in the Mid-Atlantic States (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia & West Virginia) were graciously hosted by one of our own, Dr. Chike Onwuka, aka Chaska; and his wife Prisca. It was an event geared toward discussing the upcoming DC 2015 reunion, and also the formation of this new chapter. It was also another reason for us to get together in the name of our alma mater.

This event was represented by alumni from 1981 to 2002. Amidst the eating, drinking and dancing, it was also business as usual – private viewing of the ATL 2014 reunion highlights, discussion of the Association’s strategic goals, and of course, soliciting volunteers for the local chapter. We would like to use this medium to congratulate and thank the following alumni for offering themselves:

  1. Nwamaka Anowi, ’92 set, Peace House
  2. Emeka Anyanwu, ’89 set, Peace House
  3. Ifeanyi Ezeh, ’91 set, Liberty House
  4. Adindu Ezeocha, ’91 set, Unity House
  5. Eva Njoku, ’86 set, Honesty House
  6. Chike Onwuka, ’85 set, Liberty House

These 6 ladies and gentlemen will take it upon themselves to be the coordinating members of this chapter; upholding the promise to create alumni cohesion locally, galvanize our people to execute our 2015 reunion in DC, and to ensure a stronger National Body for the alumni.

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter joins the Southeast Chapter, which was created in Atlanta, as our second chapter in the America’s. We congratulate you guys, and we will be looking forward to creation of more chapters…. Chicago/Midwest, LA/West Coast

Again, we would like to thank Drs. Chike & Prisca Onwuka for their immeasurable generosity, hosting all of us with no holds barred….the best way we Fedi Peeps know how – food, drink, ebo and gist! May God continue to reward them abundantly.

We look forward to more meetings like this!

Click links below for meeting minutes & pictures:

Minutes From Chaskas (1)


The strength of our movement lies with each and every one of us! AKA “Na we we oh”!

#FGCE #ProUnitate