Fellow Alumni!!!

As usual, we have done it again. When all hands are on deck, the true FGCE spirit manifests!!! We thank EVERYONE who showed support and determination to meet our goal of 100 tickets by the end of  March 31. But as we no dey carry last, we have SURPASSED 150 tickets before the end of the day!!

This is evidence of strength in numbers, commitment to the cause, and obvious support for our event; and school as a whole! We are carrying on full speed ahead,  because of all the support we have received by our very own people!!

A BIG THANK YOU and special shout-out to everyone who called, stalked, emailed, knocked on doors, pleaded, threatened, promised, traded by barter, volunteered, and donated to this cause!

We met our first goal, people….let us not give up the fire….keep this going, as we all know how! We continue to show #unity #brotherhood #sisterhood and most of all….#FGCEhood

So this is another PSA to those who have not bought tickets oh: Early bird pricing is over by midnight EST March 31 into April 1!

Make una hurry before expiration time reach:


“Who no show, no go know”…. Make una hear us oh!!

#FGCE #ProUnitate #DC2015 #UnitedinPurpose