In 2016, the class of 91 celebrated their 25th anniversary, and commemorated this milestone by building a new dining hall for the students. The Project Coordinator, David Adindu Ezeocha, expressed multiple “lessons learned” from coordinating this project, including a comprehensive guide to implementing successful projects in the future. The recommendations included:

  • Need for Governance (record-keeping, monitoring contributions);
  • Treasury Management (real-time record keeping, conflicts of interest, fiduciary responsibilities);
  • Structure of Project Committee (define the roles of Project Committee and Project Implementation Committee – PIC). Project Committee may functions as the general overseer/decision-making of a project, whereas the Implementation Committee is responsible for the actual day to day running of the project); and
  • Communication & Engagement (engagement of donors and all class members, providing progress reports etc)

Donations were received by 91 alumni from Nigeria, US/Canada, Europe and Asia. Total amount raised was to the tune of NGN 9.9M, with the project itself costing abut NGN 9.7M.

Below are some snapshots of the old structure:

After renovation:

Official handover ceremony:

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5 Key Facts about the Completed

Project Completion Report