The FGCE Teaching Excellence & Student Leadership Program

FGCE Alumni G.I.V.E.S. has worked to create a platform that is focused on enrichment of our students and teachers.


This program seeks to transform Nigeria by changing mindsets and developing a powerful network of teachers and students, who will work together to address FGCE and Nigeria’s greatest challenges, while achieving extraordinary social impact. Too often, we only invest in addressing the symptoms of poor leadership, instead of focusing on developing good leaders.

Our 4-Step Approach:

  1. Identify Potential: We select SS1, SS2, & SS3 youth who have the best academic results (highest flyers) and show the spark of initiative.
  2. Simulation & Practice: Student leaders in SS1 and SS2 are to complete an intensive LEAP AFRICA program of intellectual growth and iLEAD hands-on leadership development.
  3. Connect to Opportunity: Student leaders are guided by powerful alumni network along their path to trans formative impact in Nigeria. The club will go on a few school field trips, connect students to Alumni Mentors, and identify & enable student internships during the holidays. The club will prepare students to write the WAEC, JAMB & SAT exams; and to apply to US, UK & Canadian Universities for fully-funded scholarships.
  4. Recognize & Empower Teachers to be Inspirational Leaders and Change Agents: Teacher Conferences, Capacity-Building Workshops, Rewarding & Recognizing exceptional teachers, will be instrumental in our approach to change mindsets.


Structure of the Leadership Program: 

  1. iLEAD training with LEAP Africa:  Students are enrolled in a weekly hands-on training program. The curriculum includes; self identity, values, vision, goal setting, communication skills, creativity and innovation. (SS1 & SS2 students)
  2. Mentoring: This is a 6-9 month program where students in their final year of school, will be matched with alumni in their chosen career fields. This is a curriculum guided approach to coach and develop the potential in these students. The aim is to promote ethical values, pride in the country as well as vision and career guidance. (SS3 students) 8-week pilot program was just concluded
  3. School Trips and summer work programs:  Students are encouraged and assisted to obtain summer internships. This is to acquire leadership experience, work ethics, industry awareness and the skills to build self confidence. (SS1 – SS3 students)
  4. I.T. Resource Utilization: The school computer lab and IT resources will be made available to the students for university preparation. Examples include the Khan Academy Tutoring, Instructional videos etc. (SS1 – SS3 students)
  5. WAEC tutoring and SAT preparation: The use of a structured tutoring in Mathematics and English, designed to ensure full preparedness of the students for university entrance in Nigeria, Africa, USA, Canada and England. Initial comparative syllabus analysis to be conducted at onset to ensure maximum impact of delivered content. (SS3 Students)
  6. University/Scholarship Application Support: Guidance will be provided through the University and scholarship selection and application process (SS3 students)
  7. Teacher Training Workshops: Workshops will be arranged for training and capacity building of the teachers. Three workshops are to be held every year.
  8. Teacher Motivational Initiatives: For recognition and reward of outstanding teachers as well as the encouragement of peer recognition.

FGCE Leadership Initiative

In October 2017, 2 teachers and 2 alumni volunteers participated in a 5-day training program conducted in Lagos (courtesy of LEAP Africa), known as ToT (Training of Teachers) Workshop.  Feedback was positive, and participating teachers admitted to “learning a lot of new skills”, which have since been shared with other staff and students of our school.

Below is a “selfie” of our alumni volunteers and the teachers that attended the training in Lagos:

FGCE Alumni

In November 2017, the Leadership Club was started with the help of our Alumni Liaison Officer, Mrs Ijeoma Ekumankama. The goal was to identify about 90 students from SS1 – SS3, based on academic and leadership strengths. They meet on Wednesdays after school. Civics Teacher, Mrs Ifediba, also works in conjunction with Mrs Ekumankama as Trainers. The students are encouraged to volunteer/give back, to play any sport, lead other school clubs or take prefect roles, and each develop/execute a change project in their communities or school.  The ultimate goal is to have each student launch their own youth change project by the end of the school year (May / June 2018). We have envisioned an exceptional leadership club where the most outstanding FGCE students can develop into leaders who are passionate about Nigeria, and are eager to make an impact.

We have had great feedback so far. Some alumni in the US, UK and Canada have worked with/mentored some students; coaching them as well in essay-writing and SAT test-taking skills. As stated earlier, the 8-week mentoring pilot program was just concluded (stay tuned for more information).

There are many more students who need our help/mentoring and more information will be made available via our website.

We are very grateful to all who have participated so far.

“We are not just teachers, we are the managers of the world’s greatest resource: children!” Robert John Meehan