The FGCE principal has approved the use of new technology tool boxes to be used by JSS1 students. These new were introduced to be used primarily by JSS1 students in the practice of creativity and innovation.

With the tool boxes the students can produce a variety of basic technology including lamps, functional clocks, standing fans and so on. The UK alumni has provided 10 of the boxes as a start.

FGCE Introductory Technology Toolbox

Introductory Technology Tool Box for use by JSS1 students.

FGCE Alumni

Contents of the Introductory Technology Toolbox

The plan with the tool boxes is to source better instructional materials for the school that will be of help to the students.

A fundraising drive has been initiated by alumni from various global geographies to fund additional tool boxes. Please contact Oge Dieobi ( or Akachi Okoye ( if you like to make a donation or for additional details related to the fundraiser.