Class of 1983 alum, IK Agbim, AIA, NCARB, an Architect & Developer based in Washington, DC contributed generously to the welfare of FGCE during his visit in February 2014 by donating the following items:

  • 500 plastic chairs for the school Assembly Hall
  • Four commercial burners to support the school kitchen
  • Awarded prizes to three categories at the 41st Inter-House Sports Competition namely Best Dressed House, School Band and the Charity Organizations
  • For 2015, he also pledged N100,000 award to the school house with the most attendance at the 2015 Inter-House games.  The money will go towards improving the performance (via a sports program) of the winning house.

We asked him a few questions to get insight on his intent and purpose,and to get feedback for the rest of us. Here are IK’s responses:

 What Motivated you to Contribute to FGCE?

IA: During my trip to FGCE and discussion with Principal, Mrs Irene Ifejika, I was made aware of some of the pressing needs the students had. I had to find a way to help out and give back to the school and students. Rather than sit back and wait, I had to step up and do what I could to alleviate some of the needs and just get some things done.

For the Inter-house sports event, I wanted to create a spirit of sportsmanship and give incentives for better performance and attendance. This years’ event was great,and I was happy to contribute.  Looking to the future, the pledge I made for the 2015 event goes with the intention of boosting even more attendance.

What message do you have for FGCE Alumni?

IA: Stay engaged!  Have a way of getting information from the school to understand the needs. Donation is very important and it goes to not just material items, but also advice.  There are areas that need the Alumni’s attention: Library, Living Quarters/Dormitories, Classrooms etc.  I applaud what Project Hope did for some of the classroom blocks!  We need more action like this and I urge everyone to join in the cause to give back to our Alma Mater.

Kudos to IK Agbim for his applaudable generosity and contribution back to FGCE!   It really does take actions like this for us to create real impact and help FGCE and its students. Pro Unitate!!!

Burners - School Kitchen

Burners for the School Kitchen