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FGCE Americas Midwest Chapter Community Event at Feed My Starving Children, Chicago IL


Following through with our tradition & overarching goals... Giving back, Community service & relations, Engagement.... Our AFGCEAA Midwest Chapter played host to our alumni community as we volunteered our time at the Feed My Starving Children Mission in Chicago last Weekend. FSMC is a Christian nonprofit whose mission is feeding undernourished Children across the globe. Donations given to the organization are used to fund meal ingredients hand-packaged by volunteers... then donated to FSMC partners around the world, where the kids are fed. This was Chapter-Midwest's inaugural outing... no doubts a resounding success. Our gratitude to Chapter -Midwest for being the amazing [...]

FGCE Americas Midwest Chapter Community Event at Feed My Starving Children, Chicago IL2024-04-13T07:41:30-04:00

FGCE Student Leadership Club: All Hands on Deck!


We are ready to launch the FGCE Students Leadership Club which will seek to transform FGCE and Nigeria by developing a strong network of student leaders, who will work together to address FGCE’s greatest challenges, achieve extraordinary social impact in their community, and get fully funded scholarships to Universities in Nigeria and around the world. The Reason: Nigeria has a need for ethical and entrepreneurial leadership. The Club’s Strategy: First identify students/young student leaders; then complete an intensive program of intellectual growth and hands-on leadership development. Connect student leaders to our powerful network of alumni mentors, who will guide the students [...]

FGCE Student Leadership Club: All Hands on Deck!2017-11-08T19:25:02-05:00

FGCE Alumni Builds!


731535AC-7300-47AE-B049-C2E7EB034A99   In September of 2017, FGCE's Principal reached out to our Global Alumni Community, imploring us to come to the aid of the students, and school as a whole to address an emergency. The perimeter fences that have been present for upwards of 30 years have slowly been disintegrating, and many sections had fallen due to water flooding issues that weakened the structures over time. This posed a potential hazard and security risk for the returning students and areas of the fence were open [...]

FGCE Alumni Builds!2017-10-03T23:43:35-04:00
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