The goal for Coffee & Conversation is to provide a long-form, multi-participant medium to exchange valuable information between alumni. The typical category of information to be exchanged are those found along the alumni journey including, but not limited to 1) Travel Tips/Ideas, Current Affairs in US/Canada, Education/Scholarship Tips, Employment Tips/Ideas, e.t.c. The interaction is made more fluid as miscellaneous small talk is infused between the information exchange.


No it’s not a general meeting.  Topics discussed during the session are usually elements of the alumni journey such as travel, education, relocation, etc.

If you have nothing to say, or run out of things to talk about the host will prompt you into conversation about your location, current affairs, or elements of the alumni journey you might be familiar with.

No the experience has little to do with drinking coffee.  It’s just called coffee and conversation because the usual discussions are what you would normally see at a coffee shop where people talk casually.