As the electoral commission we wish to inform you of the following:

1) There will be an election of officers for the Executive Council as well as Board Members of AFGCEAA on Saturday the 19th of July at 2:30PM.

2) The positions are as follows:

 (a) The President

(b) Vice-President

(c) The Secretary

(d) The Treasurer

(e) The Financial Secretary

(f) Provost & Public Relations Officer

(g) Legal Adviser

(h) 5 Board Member Positions

 Please read the draft constitution (Article 10) to familiarise yourself with the descriptions and duties of each of the positions.

3) We are now accepting nominations from alumni members residing within  “The Americas” (USA, Canada, Caribbeans) as defined by the draft constitution(Article 1).

4) Members can self-nominate or nominate others. Anyone nominating another should please include the nominees email so we can contact them directly to solicit biographical information.

5) Nominations should be emailed to Ike Nwosu at with a short biography, a picture, and answers to the following questions:

  1. What are your relevant past experiences?
  2. What is the inspiration behind you choosing to run for the position?
  3. As we formalize the existence of association, what do you hope to contribute to its fulfillment in the capacity of the elected position?

This information would be posted on the FGCE alumni website to give members a chance to decide who best will serve them. In the event that this is not possible then, candidates will be given not more than 2 minutes to speak to the general members of their candidacy just before the election.

6) Nominations are to be received before 5:00PM on Friday July 18th to be eligible to be a candidate.

7) Candidates must be present during the election to be considered eligible for the position nominated.

8) Ballots will be announced on Saturday morning and elections will follow at 2:30PM after the PANA presentation during the afternoon session.

9) Only AFGCEAA members present will be eligible to vote.

Please spread the word and get the nominations in early.

The AFGCEAA Electoral Committee