What was the original FGCE school uniform color? What were the original names of the school houses? Discover answers to these, other intriguing facts and information about Federal Government College Enugu…
  • FGCE AlumniThe original FGCE school uniform was all white.  Shirt and shorts/Trousers for boys and dresses for girls.  During the 1976/77 session, a new uniform was introduced by Fasuyi.  This had an iteration of a shirt and blouse (buba style) with green logo bands at the arm and pockets at waist level.

  • The original site of the school when it opened in January 1973 was located in New Haven, Enugu (present site of Neuropsychiatric hospital). The temporary site of the school had only two complete buildings and nine blocks of houses under construction at the time. Relocation to the current permanent site at Independence layout began in 1975.

  • The first Principal of FGCE was Mr M.O Imana (1973-1975).
  • There were 20 academic staff and 10 pioneer Heads of Departments.
    FGCE Alumni
  • FGCE had only 130 pioneer students (90 form one students and the rest in various subject combinations in Arts and Science in the lower sixth form).  FGCE has since grown in population to about 2,500 students and faculty.
  • All students at the time of establishment were boarders.
  • The pioneer Head boy was Engr. William Anaka (Ph.D) and Edet Ekanem was the pioneer Head girl.
  • There was once the ‘F’ class experiment at the  JS2 and JS3 level only. It was initiated in the 1986/87 academic session with the class of 90 being the first to trial this.  Each F class had 40 as the max. student population and the 40 were drawn from Top 8 academically ranked students from the existing A – E classes. The experiment was aborted after the 1988/89 academic session by the Principal Mr S. N Abia to promote better inclusion (avoid inferiority/superiority complex).
  • In 1989, FGCE stopped stopped publishing class positions/ranking per student in the end of term (semester) report card.  Only grades by subject were published.

  •  FGCE AlumniThe pioneer students were grouped into Houses A and B with Messrs J.C. Neboh and C.C. Nwabueze as the Pioneer House Masters, and Mrs G.N. Achike and O.N. Akeju as pioneer House Mistresses.
  • The names of the school houses were later expanded to A,B, C, D, E, before the change in 1981 to the identifiable Honesty, Indpendence, Liberty, Peace and Unity houses and associated colors.
  • National house was added as the 6th house in 1989 to accommodate the expanding school and student population.
  • Before there were the identifiable house colors, pioneer students wore regulated mufti/casual wear after school.

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