We are ready to launch the FGCE Students Leadership Club which will seek to transform FGCE and Nigeria by developing a strong network of student leaders, who will work together to address FGCE’s greatest challenges, achieve extraordinary social impact in their community, and get fully funded scholarships to Universities in Nigeria and around the world.
The Reason: Nigeria has a need for ethical and entrepreneurial leadership.
The Club’s Strategy: First identify students/young student leaders; then complete an intensive program of intellectual growth and hands-on leadership development. Connect student leaders to our powerful network of alumni mentors, who will guide the students to prepare for SAT exams, then apply for fully funded scholarship opportunities all over the world.
The Proposed Topics/Intervention and Approach: Some of the topics for the weekly meetings are; developing a healthy self-identity, building self-confidence, the act & art of leadership, effective communication, developing your personal mission statement & goal setting, developing & launching your change project, and choosing a career path.
The Club’s Values: Integrity, Creativity, Excellence and Compassion
We are in need of mentors, sponsors, volunteers and donors.
We need to raise a minimum of $10,000 to launch this leadership program. The set-up will be an after school club. The budget for the leadership club includes: LEAP AFRICA ILEAD program cost (this program has key outcomes, impact and measurable performance indicators), SAT self-study books (for school library),  Math and English tutors for SAT preparation, cost of organizing school field trips and summer internships.
We are engineering opportunities for students to dream BIG, develop and grow the mind and skill set to run after their destiny. All students are expected to create and launch a youth change project in May/June 2018.
Please join us to unlock the potential of FGCE students. Together, we can change the future generation and ultimately create a better world.
We are open to all ideas and feedback.