62 students from The Leadership club embarked on their maiden field trip on Thursday, November 9, 2017, accompanied by Mrs Ijeoma Ekumankama (Alumni Liaison Officer & Club Director), Ms. Stella Ifediba (Teacher and Leadership Trainer) and Mrs Uchegbu (Maths Teacher). They attended SIPA (Social Innovators Programme and Awards), which was hosted by LEAP Africa. The theme for 2017 was E.G.O. (Enterprise, Growth and Opportunities).  Guest speakers this year were Mrs Ndidi Nwuneli, Mr Onyeka Akuma, and Mr Okechukwu Ofili. With this theme, our students were given the opportunity to observe and appreciate young professionals and entrepreneurs, being rewarded for their innovation. The goal of E.G.O. was to redefine the purpose of a business from just wealth acquisition to social impact, and to help these young entrepreneurs understand the importance of the social aspect to any business model.

About SIPA


According to the LEAP Africa website, “the SIPA is hosted to create social consciousness and increase support for young creative Nigerians fueled by passion to improve livelihood for others. It is also an event to inspire more young people to take action irrespective of their economic status, cultural background and social difference or position. The SIPA is a grand event that brings together strong collaborations from the public, private and social sectors.”

FGCE Alumni Also in attendance were alumni Chidiogo Akpuokwe (1995), Nneka Ibekwe (1992) and Chinonyelum Agbo (2017):FGCE Alumni

FGCE Alumni

FGCE Alumni

FGCE Alumni

Testimonials  from our teachers and students:

“Super awesome”

“Quite motivating”

“It was awesome. Motivational talks on innovation and youth empowerment. In fact, from he unknown to the known. For every problem, there’s a solution. We saw youths who are CEOs of organizations through self-discovery. Very exciting and inspirational”

This is why FGCE G.I.V.E.S. is committed to this venture. Unlock the potential of our youth through exposure and persistent nurturing of talent.