Hail ye! Hail ye!!
Remember the fun we had almost 2 months ago in the ATL? Meeting old friends, hugging old and new friends, being wowed that there were actually alumni from 1981 and 1999 in the same room? The pictures on Facebook are a good reminder, a nostalgic push, possibly a visual of what some people missed!!! Well, the wait for an encore performance is over! After weeks of deliberation and “hustling” behind the scenes, we are proud to announce that Part 2 is coming to Washington DC in 2015. From August 6-9 2015, there will be more mingling, laughing, dancing, rekindling, talking, eating and most of all….fundraising for our wonderful alma mater! As we continue to put together the activities for the weekend, begin to put in your overtime, LOA, sabbatical and PTO requests! We are working hard to make sure that your visit to the DMV that weekend will be one of the highlights of your 2015! So….stay tuned for more updates! Spread the word!!
Meanwhile, continue to “like” our Facebook Page, and various pictures from Atlanta 2014!
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AFGCEAA Executive Council