Approach Options

We will seek to leverage and maximize our strengths, especially in numbers, network, technology-savvy and the media to intervene in the immediate to long terms.

Immediate to Short Term.

  1. Assist with soliciting for and gathering donations in form of relief materials and cash.
  2. Deliver gathered materials directly to affected people through direct engagement with the IDP camps, community groups and individuals directly assisting. Cash can be converted to essential relief materials.
  3. Build and provide an electronic platform to aid coordination of disparate efforts (which right now appears to be confused and uncoordinated). Platform will be designed as a wiki and will aim be central repository for identifying all assisting agencies and organisations and what they are doing to assist, updating missing people reports, cataloguing the damage, etc

Mid Term.

Set up makeshift IDP camp or work closely with one already set up. Goal will be to ensure that when the news cameras leave, efforts do not stop. We can sustain a publicity drive to keep these needy people in the eyes of the public and of the responsible agencies and also aid their reintegration and resettlement.

Long Term.


  • To the authorities – To act early to deliver structures/solutions to prevent or mitigate effects of potential future floods.
  • To the people and inhabitants of flood-prone locations across Nigeria – To raise awareness on how our daily actions or inactions may play a role in such floods and to promote preparedness.

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