Alumni and friends,

The PIC is glad to share updates and progress of our work so far. Again, we thank all alumni and friends who have been part of this effort. Your generosity is highly appreciated. We continue to implore everyone to redeem their pledges, as this work has to go on at the speed and quality we have been able to maintain so far.

As a reminder, the projects that were undertaken include:

  1. Renovation of SS-3 Classroom Blocks
  2. Implementation of Rain Water Harvesting System
  3. School Bell
  4. Solar Area Lighting
  5. Face-lift of the school gate/Bus shelter & Landscaping of the School Entrance

We are happy to announce that all of the above have commenced, and some are already halfway done. This page will be your one-stop shop for updates regarding these projects.

Renovation of SS3 Blocks:

The objective of this project is to remediate the asbestos roof in the SS3 classroom blocks and renovate the SS3 classrooms, thereby creating a more conducive learning environment. This has been done by:

  • Removing and replacing the asbestos roofs and ceiling with long span aluminum roofs
  • Replacing doors, windows, electrical system, flooring, and burglary proof with new durable ones.
  • Repainting the classrooms
  • Renovating the toilet


Below are pictures of the progress that has been made on the SS3 block so far:

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Distribution of tiles



Sample window panes



Delivery of tiles


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