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FGCE GIVES Benue Support – Intervention Approach


We will seek to leverage and maximize our strengths, especially in numbers, network, technology-savvy and the media to intervene in the immediate to long terms. Immediate to Short Term. Assist with soliciting for and gathering donations in form of relief materials and cash. Deliver gathered materials directly to affected people through direct engagement with the IDP camps, community groups and individuals directly assisting. Cash can be converted to essential relief materials. Build and provide an electronic platform to aid coordination of disparate efforts (which right now appears to be confused and uncoordinated). Platform will be designed as a wiki and will [...]

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FGCE G.I.V.E.S. Help Benue Team


A diverse global team of accomplished alumni committed to the delivery of an effective charitable intervention To contact the team please email [paypal-donation] Click here to help FGCE G.I.V.E.S. – Support Benue Flood Victims Main Page FGCE G.I.V.E.S BENUE FLOOD VICTIMS SUPPORT INTERVENTION APPROACH FGCE G.I.V.E.S BENUE FLOOD VICTIMS SUPPORT DONATIONS PAGE

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