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Project Selection Committee Summary


The Project Selection Committee after its examination of each of the shortlisted seven projects, and in-depth assessment against established criteria, hereby recommend to AFGCEAA the following four projects: Water Systems Improvement: The water shortage at FGCE has been a persistent problem over the years. As the student and staff population continue to grow, the demand for water has increased and added more stress to the ailing water supply systems. Despite several attempts over the years at improving the capacity of water supplied to the school, the shortage persists.  AFGCEAA can embark on additional storage and collection capacity to existing water reticulation [...]

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Throwback Thursday (#TBT)


Today's Throwback Thursday is dedicated to the most dreaded day of the week for some, if not all of us alumni....Manual Labour Day! Between 1993-1999 it was on Thursday, so if before 1993 it was on another day, feel free to indicate this! Now, as we all know...manual labour Thursday was the day ALL students (allergic to grass or not) were REQUIRED to return to school from 4-6, and become human lawn mowers! Depending on your relationship with the Labour Prefect at the time, your work was definitely cut out for you. Remember how the "portions" were assigned? The "assigner" will [...]

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