Class of 1985

As the upcoming reunion approaches, we would like to come together to participate in a huge way by being one of the sponsors of the August event. This year, many FGCE classes are putting money together as Set Sponsors and we would like to also support the effort as an event & project sponsor!! This would require each of us contributing to collectively bring us to the appropriate sponsorship level.

Our class has been blessed! This year is our 31st anniversary, and our class members are some of the catalysts that helped sparked this movement of giving back to our alma mater! Our Alumni Movement has been instrumental in bringing us together to give back to our alma mater and the leadership of the Association has done us proud by delivering on projects to rebuild the SS3 Blocks, the School Gate and Student Bus Shelter, plus Solar Street Lighting, Water Reticulation, and new housing/facelift for the School Bell. We are also one of two classes with more than one officer in the Association – Jude Ogene (our able Legal Secretary) and Ugo Okafor (who serves on the Board of Directors) have both made us proud!! Paddy Anigbo has also made us proud in his role with Project Hope which serves as inspiration for our Alumni Movement.

The Association’s Sponsorship Proposal for this year’s event is accessible via this link. Participation in this effort is voluntary and there is no set minimum. Everyone has an opportunity to participate at any amount they deem fit. Participation is also not limited to Reunion attendees. You can give even if you can’t make it to Houston, although it will be nice for as many of us as possible to get together in Houston this August.

  1. For online payments please use paypal button to pay into the Association and get credited to Class of 1985 Collection Fund [box]
    FGCE Alumni


  2. For Nigeria based Alumni please contact – Uju Obuekwe  (+234-803-310-8442) for bank deposit contribution
  3. Event Site: simply go to
  4. Hotel Reservations:
  5. For fundraising progress please visit
  6. Organization’s financials are published monthly at
  • Total funds collected will be presented and recognized at the Reunion as a donation from Class of 1985.  
  • Sponsorship benefits of level attained will also be awarded as listed in Sponsorship Proposal
  • Individual donors will also be included in the 2016 FGCE Projects Donor List.

Thank you for supporting this effort. May God continue to bless our FGCE and Class of 1985 Family!

Pro Unitate

Uju Obuekwe