Federal Government College Enugu (FGCE) Project Hope is a Partnership between FGCE old students and Federal Government College Enugu to bring life back to the school and inspire the students to achieve their dreams despite present day challenges. The project initiated in October 2008, is aimed at supporting the school authorities in their efforts to raise infrastructure, academic, discipline and social responsibility standards, to global levels. In doing this, we hope to ensure a conducive learning environment for the students and also to encourage other old students and the wider community to engage with their Alma Mata on similar projects with a view to raising education standards across Nigeria. 


Alumni of FGCE under the auspices of PROJECT HOPE undertake to:

* Transform the FGCE  learning environment
* Mentor the students for 3 years
* Support their teachers towards enhanced academic delivery and high discipline standard 
* Reward academic excellence, integrity, community service, & leadership

In Order To

* Produce students motivated to learn, comfortable in in their classrooms
* Produce teachers motivated to teach, comfortable in their classrooms and proud of their students
* Produce an example that will encourage other alumni of FGCE and others to engage with their schools
* Show our governments what can be done

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