The Executive Council of Association of Federal Government College Enugu Alumni Americas, INC. (AFGCEAA) is pleased to launch the kick-off of the Project Implementation Committee (PIC). The PIC will execute the four projects adopted by the esteemed members of our Association, AFGCEAA ,  at the recently concluded reunion in Washington DC.  The terms of reference of this committee are published in our forum under PIC Terms of Reference


The adopted projects are:

  1. Implementation of Rain Water Reticulation System.
  2. Renovation of SS-3 Classroom Blocks.
  3. School Bell & Solar Area Lighting.
  4. Face-lift of the school gate/Bus shelter & Landscaping of the School Entrance.

The existing Project Selection Committee will evolve into the Project Implementation committee (PIC)  chaired by the Vice President, Maureen Adigwe Obiofuma.   The PIC will report to the Project Steering Committee (PSC) chaired by the President, Nnaemeka  Osakwe, and have as members the President, Vice President,  Treasurer, Legal Counsel, and Chairman of the Board.


The steering committee is the sponsor and will have oversight responsibilities. All modalities for accountabilities, remittance of funds, draw down of funds, payment of contractors, etc. shall come under the jurisdiction of the Project Steering Committee. Additionally, The steering committee will have the responsibility of keeping the Executive Council,  Board, and Alumni body abreast of project status.


The Project Implementation Committee seeks to inject  additional skills sets required to effectively execute and track each project performance. These skills sets will complement those of current Project Implementation Committee members.  The skills sets required are as follows:


  1. Project Managers (2) –  to manage  project execution and effectively track performance and deliver on project objectives
  2. Architects (2)  – to design and develop technical specifications/drawings
  3. An Accountant to keep the books and reconcile receipts and payments
  4. An Attorney  (Nigerian based) to  provide legal services locally as needed in consultation with AFGCEAA  legal counsel. Also will investigate and procure building permits (if any) required
  5. Engineers (4) –  Local based, one per project, to supervise and liaise with the local contractors to deliver work to set quality and specifications.


We are seeking volunteers  with the passion and drive to join a dynamic team of Alumni who are very committed  to giving back to our dear school. Volunteers must be willing to donate the necessary time and effort to ensure a job well done.  That requires a commitment to excellence and being a great team player.  Additionally,  project management best practices will be deployed in the implementation of these projects to ensure an effective, timely, and successful completion. We owe that much to our alma mater, and to the great men and women who have generously given to this restoration effort.


Please send your interest indicating the skill(s) you wish to provide to  and we look forward to hearing from  you, our valued volunteers.


Thank you


Maureen Adigwe Obiofuma

For the Executive Council