The Project Selection Committee after its examination of each of the shortlisted seven projects, and in-depth assessment against established criteria, hereby recommend to AFGCEAA the following four projects:

  1. Water Systems Improvement: The water shortage at FGCE has been a persistent problem over the years. As the student and staff population continue to grow, the demand for water has increased and added more stress to the ailing water supply systems. Despite several attempts over the years at improving the capacity of water supplied to the school, the shortage persists.  AFGCEAA can embark on additional storage and collection capacity to existing water reticulation systems. Expanding its implementation to ‘low’ buildings will be very cost effective and easily implementable.  Also, existing collection systems use buildings with asbestos roofs, which poses grave health risks to the students.


  1. School Bell & Solar Area Lighting: The College bell for FGCE is hung from a Melina tree adjacent to the Assembly hall building. Though the bell is still functional, it is aesthetically displeasing to see our school bell hung from a tree.  The bell should be replaced with a bigger one, and mounted on a stand. While this may seem a mundane proposition, we believe the bell is a useful tool for imbibing the culture of discipline and timeliness at the school, and should be re-positioned to a more prominent position in the assembly forecourt.  The passage ways used by students are unlit and dark at night. This is unsafe and exposes students to potential risks and danger. Originally there were light poles between the male and female dormitories, the dining hall, and the classroom areas. These lights rely upon grid electricity from Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN). Most of these mounted electric lights do not work, some have exposed wires, and some are rusted beyond repairs, while the rest have lost essential and irreplaceable parts. An investment in a minimum of twenty solar power lights mounted on poles or buildings around the school will greatly enhance safety and security for students at night.


  1. Gate/School Entrance/Shelter:  The current school gate is the original structure that was built in 1973, when our school moved to the present Independence Layout, permanent site. There is absence of landscaping, trees, and other aesthetically pleasing edifice by the main gate. We also observed that the approach to the gate is poorly lit at night and the shelter next to the gate unsuitable for use by students.  We recommend the replacement of the bus shelter, the gate, and the gatehouse. We also recommend that landscaping be done around the approach to the school gate, including the planting of trees, and improving the ambiance around the entrance to make it more befitting of our great institution.


  1. Classroom Renovations: We observed that most classroom buildings were in a state of disrepair.  The SS3 classroom blocks are the worst, and deserve to be immediately renovated with new roofs, ceilings, windows, bars, new metal doors, and toilet. We also recommend an overhaul of the electrical systems, applying fresh coats of paint and repairing the interior flooring on the classroom corridors to improve its ambiance.