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What did you order in Student’s Centre?


Hello friends and fellow Alumni... It's been a minute and a half...we have been working hard behind the scenes, getting the Association more organized, while putting final touches on our "ebo-planning" for August 2015! But as we are waiting, make we go down memory lane together, depending on how far yours can take you ;)... As the topic asks/suggests: Wetin you order/chop for Students Centre? I go answer for only myself oh! If this applies to you as well, feel free to echo! Some of us daygoats or wannabe "ajebos" like me, started off with packed lunch from home (peanut butter [...]

What did you order in Student’s Centre?2014-10-30T00:27:07-04:00

The Water Project by Class of 1994 – Part 2


And the story continues…. We had gone through the voting process, the Principal and VP, Academics had advised us on the most pressing needs of the FGCE (if you don’t know what I’m referring to, check out the posted video of the Interview with the Principal…Great Stuff). We knew what the project was going to be about…WATER! That was the easy part.  Now to start the engines and get this project off the ground. But wait! No joke, we had to get this right.  Yes, we were filled with enthusiasm and excitement, but made a conscious decision to use all the [...]

The Water Project by Class of 1994 – Part 22014-09-23T00:30:38-04:00

Throwback Thursday (#TBT)


Today's Throwback Thursday is dedicated to the most dreaded day of the week for some, if not all of us alumni....Manual Labour Day! Between 1993-1999 it was on Thursday, so if before 1993 it was on another day, feel free to indicate this! Now, as we all know...manual labour Thursday was the day ALL students (allergic to grass or not) were REQUIRED to return to school from 4-6, and become human lawn mowers! Depending on your relationship with the Labour Prefect at the time, your work was definitely cut out for you. Remember how the "portions" were assigned? The "assigner" will [...]

Throwback Thursday (#TBT)2014-09-18T13:16:54-04:00

Tribute Tuesday


Fellow alumni... As we go about our daily lives with work, school, family and friends, we cannot forget those of us who enjoyed the years in FGCE as students or teachers, but are no longer among their loved ones today. Some have been taken by acts of violence, acts of nature, or maybe some have fulfilled their purpose on this earth, and have been called back by God to join the angels. As a result, we dedicate the "Tribute Tuesday" to those teachers and ex-students/alumni, who are gone but definitely not forgotten. Please feel free to add to this list in [...]

Tribute Tuesday2014-09-15T23:14:33-04:00
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