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United in Purpose, 2015! Why DC? By Jude Ogene


All Roads Lead to DC!!! My people, by now you know that the Association of FGCE Alumni, Americas (AFGCEAA)  is having its second annual reunion in Washington, D.C. from August 6-9, 2015. The event follows up on our successful inaugural reunion in Atlanta last year. Much respect to our Atlanta alumni and others involved; they did a fantastic job and established a very high bar for future events: If you are like me, you left Atlanta wondering “When are we going to do it again, and how do we top THAT???” Glad you asked. Very early in the planning phase [...]

United in Purpose, 2015! Why DC? By Jude Ogene2015-01-19T02:55:54-05:00

AFGCEAA Mid-Atlantic Chapter is born!


Fellow Alumni and friends... First of all, we the members of the AFGCEAA wish you Happy Holidays! We are proud to announce that we are slowly but surely progressing toward a stronger association. Over this past weekend, the alumni that reside in the Mid-Atlantic States (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia & West Virginia) were graciously hosted by one of our own, Dr. Chike Onwuka, aka Chaska; and his wife Prisca. It was an event geared toward discussing the upcoming DC 2015 reunion, and also the formation of this new chapter. It was also another reason for us to [...]

AFGCEAA Mid-Atlantic Chapter is born!2014-12-19T00:49:25-05:00

2nd AFGCEAA Reunion is coming to the Nation’s Capital, August 6-9, 2015!!


Hail ye! Hail ye!! Remember the fun we had almost 2 months ago in the ATL? Meeting old friends, hugging old and new friends, being wowed that there were actually alumni from 1981 and 1999 in the same room? The pictures on Facebook are a good reminder, a nostalgic push, possibly a visual of what some people missed!!! Well, the wait for an encore performance is over! After weeks of deliberation and "hustling" behind the scenes, we are proud to announce that Part 2 is coming to Washington DC in 2015. From August 6-9 2015, there will be more mingling, laughing, [...]

2nd AFGCEAA Reunion is coming to the Nation’s Capital, August 6-9, 2015!!2014-09-13T20:32:43-04:00
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