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FGCE Student Leadership Club: All Hands on Deck!


We are ready to launch the FGCE Students Leadership Club which will seek to transform FGCE and Nigeria by developing a strong network of student leaders, who will work together to address FGCE’s greatest challenges, achieve extraordinary social impact in their community, and get fully funded scholarships to Universities in Nigeria and around the world. The Reason: Nigeria has a need for ethical and entrepreneurial leadership. The Club’s Strategy: First identify students/young student leaders; then complete an intensive program of intellectual growth and hands-on leadership development. Connect student leaders to our powerful network of alumni mentors, who will guide the students [...]

FGCE Student Leadership Club: All Hands on Deck!2017-11-08T19:25:02-05:00

Project Selection Committee Summary


The Project Selection Committee after its examination of each of the shortlisted seven projects, and in-depth assessment against established criteria, hereby recommend to AFGCEAA the following four projects: Water Systems Improvement: The water shortage at FGCE has been a persistent problem over the years. As the student and staff population continue to grow, the demand for water has increased and added more stress to the ailing water supply systems. Despite several attempts over the years at improving the capacity of water supplied to the school, the shortage persists.  AFGCEAA can embark on additional storage and collection capacity to existing water reticulation [...]

Project Selection Committee Summary2016-01-23T15:34:39-05:00

What did you order in Student’s Centre?


Hello friends and fellow Alumni... It's been a minute and a half...we have been working hard behind the scenes, getting the Association more organized, while putting final touches on our "ebo-planning" for August 2015! But as we are waiting, make we go down memory lane together, depending on how far yours can take you ;)... As the topic asks/suggests: Wetin you order/chop for Students Centre? I go answer for only myself oh! If this applies to you as well, feel free to echo! Some of us daygoats or wannabe "ajebos" like me, started off with packed lunch from home (peanut butter [...]

What did you order in Student’s Centre?2014-10-30T00:27:07-04:00
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